Mary Hamel Baking Designs

Mary Hamel Baking Designs

Welcome to Mary Hamel Baking Designs. Irresistible…Elegant..Exquisite and Unique.

Impress and delight your family and friends with a hand-crafted, fresh specialty bread.

Our Bread Sculptures range from elegant and classic wreaths or monogrammed rounds; to adorable and whimsical animal breads…our designs offer something for everyone.

Select your own custom made design from a variety of bread flavors made with fresh, natural ingredients — without any chemicals or preservatives.

Whether a perfect accompaniment to a luncheon or dinner or a perfect finish to a special celebration, Mary Hamel Baking Designs will create a truly memorable event!! Our tasty, edible works of art are a very special gift to give to yourself…or to share with others!

butterfly bread